Confirmed: The Ghanaian Dream Investment Forum Returns this December to Accra, Ghana

Ever since the impactful declaration of 2019 as the “Year of Return” by His Excellency, President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, Ghana hasbecome a preferred holiday destination for the continental and historicaldiaspora. The declaration has proven a successful appeal to the diaspora to return to Ghana with the aim of contributing to the country’s development and indeed strengthening the local private sector.

The Ghanaian Dream perfectly conforms to this agenda by facilitating andempowering the African diaspora to effectively move to- and invest in theMotherland. Historical figures testify of the tremendous magnitude that diaspora remittances have on the local economy trumping other FDI inflows.The Ghanaian Dream aims to facilitate more deliberate investments by the aforementioned capable and well-willing group.

The annual summit has been privileged to enjoy the support of institutions including, but not limited to The Diaspora Affairs Office of the President of Ghana, The Embassy of The Republic of Ghana in The Netherlands, The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ghana, The GIPC and The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

International and local private sector players like Stanbic Bank, FMO – The Dutch Development Bank and the Oxford Business Group, are among the partners for the Ghanaian Dream. The Ghanaian Dream works together with companies and institutions that have the ability to successfully facilitate the diaspora transition or investment in the Motherland, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the local private sector, to the benefit of every Ghanaian.

The theme of The Ghanaian Dream 2021 is “Creating a wealthy Motherland, by creating wealth in the Motherland”.